How I built a WhatsApp bomber (send thousands of messages in seconds) and you could use it too!

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2 years ago I discovered the fact that modern chat apps could be exploited to spamming the same message over thousands of times. You can send a message to someone a thousand times by using a keyboard app. So i created SPAMit - a spammer for WhatsApp. I did report it to WhatsApp, but i don't see a simple way to prevent something like this

This is how it works

Many chat apps have the option of using the enter key of your phone keyboard as the send button. So, you can emulate the key presses on your device by programming the "keyboard" to type the message and then pressing the enter key. Loop this over how many ever times you want and you effectively have a message bomber. You can take a look here - Github - SPAMit

Steps to use the spammer

  • Enable the keyboard from the Settings
  • Go to WhatsApp>Chats and enable "enter key is send"
  • Set your message and number of messages to send(Dont send huge amount of text messages)
  • Switch to SPAMit keyboard
  • Press the SEND button


You can download an apk to test this out for yourself from the releases tab - Github - Releases

How apps can prevent this

I don't see a simple fix for message bombing like this. However, the messaging client could detect when messages are being typed at inhuman speeds

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Sounds like a great way to get yourself disabled